Who are we

EPE / SPA FRIGOMEDIT first public company exporting fruits and vegetables.

Founded in 2010 and part of the agro-logistics industrial group AGROLOG, FRIGOMEDIT specializes in the import / export and marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as all food products.
With its experience of over 10 years, FRIGOMEDIT applies a know-how and a particular requirement in its marketed products, this rigor has enabled it to quickly evolve and expand its range of activities from production to export in through the promotion of products, which gives it today the control of this whole chain.
Aware of the challenges of respecting the quality of products, FRIGOMEDIT ensures its customers optimal conservation, thanks to its large network of refrigeration complexes meeting international standards.
 These complexes, specialized in collection, processing, distribution and logistics, are present throughout the national territory, and provide customers with the shortest circuits, for optimal and continuous management of the quality and freshness of the products.
 Thanks to its strong development potential including the rehabilitation of old cold stores as well as the reception of new infrastructure, FRIGOMEDIT can meet the growing demand of national and international markets.

The company in figures

Over 10 years of experience

300,000m³ of storage in operation

380. 000 m³ of storage under construction

More than 530 employees to serve you

10 Billion DA annual turnover

Production , Traitement , Stockage , Commercialisation , Exportation

التخزين , المعالجة , الإنتاج , التصدير , التسويق